American YPG Fighter Complains About Group’s Lack of Medical Care

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 26 May 2017

Patrick Ryan Kasprik

Patrick Ryan Kasprik was arrested in Lee County, Florida, in September 2015 for battery of a police officer and resisting arrest. By the time of Kasprik’s scheduled court appearance in February 2016, he was in Syria, having joined the People’s Protection Units (YPG)—without any training—as a combat medic. The YPG is the military wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the name under which the terrorist-designated Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) operates while on Syrian soil. There has been a flow of Westerners joining the YPG/PKK for several years. Kasprik left Rojava in November 2016. On 24 May 2017, Kasprik wrote a public Facebook status that spoke of YPG/PKK commanders having an alarming racial disdain for Arabs and buttressed prior reports by American YPG volunteers that the YPG was providing insufficient care to its wounded. Indeed, Kasprik suggested that the YPG was content for fatalities because it made for good propaganda. Kasprik’s full post is reproduced below with some explanatory notes added in square brackets.


I’m about to put YPG on blast. So if you’re not ready for some realness, just preemptively unfriend me. The next time a heval [comrade] you were close to, or a foreign fighter does [sic] from a survivable wound, you can thank the YPG for shutting down the TMU [Tactical Medical Unit].

I was arrested by the YPG on October 11th, of 2016 because YPG commander named Janşer wanted to shut us down and I pretty violently protested. Hence being removed from command and arrested, effectively ending my tenure in YPG (and thereafter went to serve with 060 in Şingal [Sinjar]).

This same commander said our casualty figures in Manbij (casualties that are caught on film, and records that I and another medic personally recorded diligently) are made up.

This is from the same group that refused to let Heyva Sor a Kurdistan (an NGO) ambulances treat Arab civilians, even though they had effectively commandeered them for military use in Manbij. The same group that told American SOF we worked with in Manbij to treat Arab hevals as lessers.

The things that happened at the end of, and after the fall of Manbij disillusioned me from YPG. Being called spies for the coalition, because the TMU collected information on Manbij’s medical facilities and the Daesh that led them. Being told that, in total contradiction to YPG’s highest commanders that established TMU, that “YPG doesn’t want medicine”.

So the TMU was recently disbanded, after a long time coming, by YPG. For the most part, it’s who’ll [sic] because low-level commanders who are ignorant and don’t see the larger picture that high level commanders do; however these high level commanders do nothing to intervene in the obvious circumvention of orders done by subordinates.

I have no intention of fighting for YPG ever again. I am proud of the work we did over there, and proud of what I accomplished in a year there, but I have no regrets calling them out for what they do and was proud then for standing up for what I (and the other guys in TMU) knew to be morally right even when it created friction for us.

I am moreover angry at the YPG’s lack of concern for the well being of fighters and civilians under their stead. None of this means I suddenly hate YPG or that their the bad guys; they’re just the group led by idiots with no concern for battlefield trauma care and have more desire to print out gaudy yellow photos of young dead people for propaganda.

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