Chemical Weapons, Syria, and Trump

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 9 April 2017

President Donald Trump launches cruise missiles against the Syrian regime in retribution for its chemical attack (image source)

This week, the regime of Bashar al-Assad struck the town of Khan Shaykhun with chemical weapons of mass destruction (CWMD), massacring more than eighty people. The atrocity took place around dawn local time on 4 April. At 20:40 Eastern Standard Time on 6 April (2:40 on 7 April, British time; 4:40 on 7 April, Syrian time), President Donald Trump ordered a barrage of cruise missiles against the Shayrat Airbase from which the Khan Shaykhun attack had been launched. 

At various points, I was asked to contribute commentary pieces on these dramatic developments:

4 April: “Brazen chemical attack in Syria tests the world again”, TRT World

5 April: “Idlib gas attack is an effort by the Syrian regime to formalise West’s pro-Assad policy”, The Telegraph

7 April: “Trump is doing what Obama failed to—punishing Assad for using chemical weapons in Syria”, The International Business Times

8 April: “US strike in Syria tested Moscow, and Russia was found bluffing”, TRT World

9 April: “The strike on Assad’s airbase raised the price of using weapons of mass destruction”, The Express

9 thoughts on “Chemical Weapons, Syria, and Trump

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